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Here’s a list of the gifts associated with #fromdebk….


The ways in which Deb K. helped her elementary school children extended well beyond education. Therefore, a donation has been made to Victims First to support the families of those impacted by the shooting in Uvalde, TX. Additional information can be found here.


A donation was made to Davey Elementary School (Kent, OH), helping offset the cost of school supplies for one individual. The student just finished third grade, is part of the Special Education program, and despite this year’s unique challenges, has made great progress!


$1090 was donated to Chilis on Wheels, who provided free food to students impacted by the pandemic! Additional information is in the video above and below.



In the summer of 2019, Denali Visits the National Parks (by Carla Weiss) was donated to Tuslaw Elementary (Massillon, OH). The book is of special significance as it was illustrated by Anita Souders, who teaches at the school. Souders was not told of the donation until the book’s arrival.

Additionally, Jill McCullough Nakashima, Deb’s sister, once again provided a gift card to Charles J. Sahs School (Chicago, IL), helping offset the cost of school supplies for an underserved student. Deb was a student at Sahs as a child.



In May, Jill McCullough Nakashima, Deb’s sister, sent a gift card to Charles J. Sahs School (Chicago, IL), where Deb went as a child. This will be used toward the purchase of school supplies for an underserved child next year.

Additionally—quite appropriately—two Dr. Seuss books are being donated to the school as well!



In June, an anonymous, monetary donation was made to Special Olympics of Michigan – Area 12, providing support in Allegan, Michigan. Coincidentally, the special education teacher whose students benefit from this gesture was the substitute teacher while Deb K. was pregnant with her son in the 1980’s.


On May 30, Amanda Burchfiel Ferris donated Laurie Grossman’s Master of Mindfulness: How to Be Your Own Superhero in Times of Stress to the Child Care Resource Center at Humankind (Lynchburg, VA)!


For the inaugural #fromdebk gift, One by Kathryn Otoshi, was donated to Pine Trails Elementary (Allegan, MI). Within the book’s cover this project is cited. Readers will not only learn about counting and colors, but also accepting each other’s differences, and the power of standing up for what is right. Pine Trails is the school where Deb K. taught; upon discussing the donation, it was discovered that a picture of her, and other items, remain present.