get involved

  • Share this site or, tell others about related donations using the hashtag #fromdebk
  • Make a financial contribution to a public school, preferably toward special education in an elementary school.
  • Reach out to these and similar programs, offering to purchase supplies to enhance their pedagogical efforts.
  • Offer your time, helping related programs and demonstrating these individuals matter.
  • With each offering, reference your efforts as being from you – if you wish – and Deb K (i.e., memorial in her honor)
  • Take pictures, share stories, or document efforts in any way – again using the hashtag #fromdebk – inspiring others to explore how they may bring your spirit to their community.

Be sure to announce your gift here!


Why should I participate?

Public education, particularly special education programs, endure financial challenges at all levels. From large-scale finances, to teachers purchasing their own supplies, there is often great need for assistance. Supporting the education of one’s community is ultimately bettering your life and others.

How do I begin?

As Mrs. K would say, “Look it up”. Find out what schools exist in your area, contact them, and begin a conversation! (There are also organizations that support special education, which can benefit from your contribution.)

Can this really be a gift of any magnitude?

Absolutely. Call or email a teacher expressing your appreciation. Volunteer your time. Begin a dialog of what resources you can donate – from pencils to computers.

Can I remain anonymous? Why #fromdebk?

Of course! While using social media to spread word of your efforts may inspire others to do the same, this does not require your name to be associated. In any case, you’re carrying on Deb K’s efforts. What you do is in some ways, from her.

Can I offer a gift on a day other than May 30?

While it’s hoped that May 30 serves as the official day for such acts, it should not prevent your efforts. (Go for it.)

What is special education?

Special education programs benefit students with cognitive, physical, and/or other differences. This broad categorization is not unlike the countless ways in which educators create a personalized environment for students whose needs cannot be met within a traditional classroom setting. One may excel in some areas but, need greater support in others. Students may spend some or most of a day in a special education classroom, receiving personalized instruction that ensures they receive the education that best serves them.

Who runs this project?

Hopefully you and many others.